About us

ELREEF established at 2010, an international trading company, aspire to be pioneers in the field of cereals trade , feedstuffs, sugar and others foodstuffs and soft commodities …

We provide our clients with products and needed information of international markets. with highly skilled team of traders seeking and analysis the necessary information and trends of international market.

We also have strong strategic alliance with some of the most reputable surveyors companies in the world to ensure impeccable quality in accordance with the customer’s request, moreover our customers can rely on us to track the status and delivery of their goods

Provide highly professional services that differentiate us and make a positive contribution to our partners and customers

Delivery agricultural products to destination ports from different parts of the world.

Cooperate only with approved and reliable suppliers and producers of agricultural goods.

Prices and terms of delivery most favorable to customer oriented.

Our supply chain then ensures the cereals quality for future processing into food and animal feed.

The loyalty and total satisfaction of our customers regarding our services and products is the main motivation for our and our suppliers

We consider our clients as our partners  to be leader and provide our customers high-end services, and win their satisfaction beyond their loyalty Only high-quality products are loaded on the vessel.

Low-quality goods excluded from loading by accredited laboratories.

Supply chain starts with the farmers or providers silos, offering market prices, logistical services, technical know-how and financing.

Professional team is arranging the best route of the vessel.

Well-established logistics helps to minimize the customer transportation costs.

Shipping from the biggest ports of America, Russia, black Sea, Europe and other countries of the world

Every year our company extends geography of supply of essential goods.

With the biggest international banks to advise us and finance our activities, for ensure the agricultural goods supply chain.